by Angela Christlieb
Music Video, AT 2022, digital, 30 min.

“It’s like a garden. It’s growing on its own. It’s like genetically modified organisms we’re working with.” (Pamelia Stickney)

THE GARDEN OF ROBOTIC UNKRAUT charts the continuing adventures of Chris Janka and his collaborators. A musically and visually complex film, it documents Janka’s work designing, constructing, and orchestrating a series of robotic instruments, which are composed of motors, relays, electromagnets, and pneumatic components. THE GARDEN OF THE ROBOTIC UNKRAUT observes a recording session at the renowned ORF radio studios, in which Janka and his fellow Blueblut band members Pamelia Stickney and Mark Holub attempt to improvise alongside this mechanical, MIDI orchestra.


Innsbruck – Diametrale
Berlin – SoundWatch Musikfilmfestival
Hamburg – Unerhört! MusikFilmfestival
Lübeck – Superkunstfestival


Director: Angela Christlieb
Musicians, Performers: Chris Janka, Pamelia Stickney, Mark Holub
Camera: Roland von den Sternen, Angela Christlieb
Editing: Angela Christlieb
Music: Blueblut
Distribution: sixpackfilm