ORDINARY CREATURES / Trailer (Thomas Marschall)


„Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel“, Martha and Alex should have taken Jim Morrison’s advice to heart, but on their car ride through an idyllic landscape they are primarily occupied with themselves. Only when real life comes crashing into their small self-involved world in the shape of a little dog and its grim owner, do things get set in motion – more than they could have asked for. A devious road movie full of hefty surprises.


Original Title Ordinary Creatures
Year: 2020, Running time75 min. Austria
Director: Thomas Marschall
Screenwriter: Thomas Marschall, Anna Mendelssohn
Trailer Editing: Angela Christlieb
Cast: Joep van der Geest, Anna Mendelssohn, Alois Frank, Angela Christlieb, Lynne Rey, Robert Slivovsky, Anat Stainberg
Music: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
Cinematography: Martin Putz
Producer: Daniela Praher Filmproduktion
Genre: Comedy | Road Movie